Talks and Workshops

Participate In Art provides a selection of talks and workshops to its members and non members.

PIA also create a forum for artists to meet and discuss issues and concerns that they may be facing or a just for a general chit chat. Ideas for new talk subject matters and workshop topics can also be tabled by the participating members.

The talks/presentations are designed to help hobbyists, budding, proven and even experienced artists in areas that they may not be so skilled or just interested in knowing more.

These may involve outside speakers, art material or service providers, or even similar organisations, who are better placed and more knowledgeable on the chosen subject.

PIA are currently looking for a suitable location to hosts its talks and workshop. If you know of any suitable rooms please contact Chris on 07713 055 999 or email Thank you

Talk Agenda List for 2019:

Talks are normally verbal presentations and designed to inform and to form the basis of discussions (we actively encourage interaction and communication, where practicable)

  • Commercialisation (points to consider when looking at commercialising your work)
  • The Price Is Right (pricing- where to pitch, why and how to more on)
  • The Art of IT (basics through to expert on IT infrastructure needed to support you – setting up domain names, social media accounts, SEO’s, mail boxes, event listing, notifications, multiple social media pinging, information anyway, data mining, programmes and apps)
  • Basic Marketing and Promotion (setting up social media, websites, blogs, flyers and event listings)
  • Using Galleries (different approaches and requirements – what to expect from them and what they expect from you)
  • Social Media Productivity (don’t be a busy fool)
  • Back Office Management (it’s not just art you create, the rest is straight forward given the right tools)
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance (doesn’t have to be boring – but it’s vital, intellectual property, copyright, GDPR, web policies)
  • Merchandising Your Work (why, what, who and how much! the balance of stock, price and saleability)
  • Reproductions (fine art and digital, sizes, framing, image downloads, protection, limited and open editions)
  • Presentation and Display Techniques (for all mediums in all spaces)
  • Grants and Funding (where to find it and tips on how to win it)
  • Event/Project Sponsorship and Attracting Partners (set cost or capital to delivery a project, want to help others, charity support)
  • Selling Online (who is suitable for you, what are the pitfalls)
  • Preparing for an Exhibition (what to do as a participating artist)
  • Artist Statements and Supporting Bumf (how to and how many to create, why do it, what’s in it and what isn’t)

Talk Session Costs:
Turquoise & Purple PIA Members £5 per session
Gold PIA Member £free per session
Non PIA Members £8 per session

If you are interested in attending one of the talks please contact us through the link below:

Workshops Agenda List for 2019:

Workshops are the more practical, hands on demonstrations and participative. Such as a particular skill, medium or process being demonstrated and replicated by the attendance

Dates and agenda’s of workshops are currently under consultation

Workshop Session Costs:
Workshop have a set session cost (below): but topics may demand a premium to cover additional material or unusual cost, this will be clearly stated in the session promotional material prior to booking
Turquoise & Purple PIA Members £TBC per session
Gold PIA Member £free per session
Non PIA Members £TBC per session

If you are interested in attending one of the Workshops please contact us through the link below:

Chris Oxlade-Arnott 
Tel: +44 (0)7713 055 999 

*Image header courtesy of the Basmati training workshop*

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