Special Projects

Participate In Art establishes and creates a number of special one off projects away from its regular monthly and annual events.

These vary is size, scope and target audience and can be as personnel as is required. on a smaller individual scale PIA helps artist to put on a launch, private view or help plan and set up an exhibition.

PIA work closely with its partners (we employ a partnership approach of mutual reward and benefit) on all special projects to ensure what we deliver is commercially, operationally, environmentally and functionally sound.

Special projects include but not limited to:

  • One off event curation
  • Consultation
  • Exhibition management (on behalf of artists or properties)
  • Bolt-on events to an exciting venue
  • Stand hire and stall provision (less than 12 units)

One off Event Curation

PIA undertakes projects for the planning, sourcing, resourcing, curation and delivery of specific events either as a whole or in part. These tend to originate from demand, a gap in the market, desire and drive by a 3rd party or existing partnerships.

Following requests from artists who couldn’t participate in the Worcestershire Open Studios (WOS), for a variety of reasons such as lack of suitable access to their own studios, wanted to be part of a group, weren’t available for the duration of the event etc. PIA agreed to host and accommodate a venue for artists for the 2019 WOS and was very fortunate to establish two incredible partners both wanting to get involved. Two landmark organisations and sites of Worcester of The Royal Porcelain Works and The University of Worcester’s new Art House.


PIA provides consultation on a number of areas to assist organisations, not just in the arts, culture or performance markets but also generally. Chris Oxlade-Arnott of PIA is seen as an innovative problem solver and methodical decision maker. Adept at creating delivery focused environments through robust communication, rapid situation analysis and strong decision making, that empowers, enables and motivates. He is of high integrity, practical & methodical, a natural organiser, employs an open & honest policy throughout, delivers at a high work rate and leads by example. He is customer focused with an emphasis business improvement, high work/productivity rates, efficiency, results and the improvement and well being of others. Supports and promotes end-to-end sales solution approaches (from research, delivery, service and next generation). Known for quick knowledge absorption, awareness of city, boards, press and clients impacts and is a competent conveyor of domain knowledge.

PIA is involved in this years Cheltenham Illustrations Awards operated by the University of Gloucestershire. PIA is assisting the University to increase its domestic and international reach, improve its productivity and value to both artists, potential target employers and university itself.

Exhibition/Show Management (on behalf of the Artists)

PIA has helped a number of artist to secure an exhibition or ‘show’ by being part with their team to discuss ideas with suitable sites or properties. PIA will assist or undertake the management of the design and layout of the exhibition, including even measuring of the site, the logistical elements, marketing plan and collateral, contact capture and invitations, the set up and break down of the exhibition and assure the post activities take advance of the momentum the exhibition has established.

PIA was involved in the curation of Jilly Oxlade-Arnott’s incredibly successful ‘Art in Architecture Exhibition’ at the National Trust’s Croome Court, which due to popular demand was extended for an additional five months. This was the first exhibition at Croome Court that included a direct link to items available in the estate shop, providing additional and ongoing revenue for the National Trust.

PIA will also be working with Jilly Oxlade-Arnott this year to curate and deliver her new exhibition and artist-in-situ events at Eastnor Castle.

Exhibition/Show Management (on behalf of the Property/Site)

PIA helps property owners and managers to deliver exhibitions on their behalf. Many property managers don’t have the time or bandwidth needed to ensure these events are presented professionally, that the property is protected, or to take advance of the exposure opportunities, even create increase revenue streams and provide follow on business or sustainability. With all due respect to artists and creators, the management and liaison with artists to deliver a successful event often needs a ‘middleman’ to ensure things run smoothly for both sides.

Bolt-on Events

PIA has experience in assisting existing shows/events who want to expand their current program scale as they grow, to take advance of their reputation or standing. Where additional space has become available, through cancellation of a sponsor or subcontractor, or simply access to a larger area.

Event organisers have used PIA to offer something new or different to get out of a perceived or real delivery rut or stagnation.

An example of this, is the Worcester LitFest and Fringe whose committee wanted to do something different during the unscheduled periods of their annual festival. Working closely with the committee PIA designed, scoped and sourced a new venue to showcase additional poets (who couldn’t participate in the regular festival) and introduced an illustration art exhibition called ‘Art and Poetry Extravaganza’ for a four day period of the festival. This was done with very limited additional burden to the committee and at no direct cost.

Stand and Stall Hire

PIA has twelve commercial gazebos, each with window, door, side walls and roof canopies in pure white. They provide a space of 3m (wide) by 3m (deep) with an internal height of up to 1.95m (at the lowest point) complete with legs weights and guy ropes.

PIA have also invented a unique ‘tension net hanging system’ which produces an incredibly versatile and robust method for wall hanging. Each stall has two rechargeable LED lighting rigs each with four brightness settings that last for at least eight hours on full brightness. PIA also has a large number of 6ft tables and other floor furniture and display equipment.

PIA have established that there are limited event/marque companies that are prepared to provide less than twelve stands at a single event, (in their defence is it not cost effective to do so with the equipment and resources they use to do so). PIA use these stands for their own events and they are in A1 condition but are more than happy to service those events and applications that only need a few stands.

Please call Chris on 07713055 999 or email chris@participateinart.com for more details.

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