RHS Malvern Spring Show – The Great Floral Pavilion PIA Exibition

PIA is in partnership with Allomorphic and we will be located in a prime space within the Great Pavilion of Art and Flowers.

The event is 9th to 12th May 2019 at The Three Counties Showground, Malvern, Worcestershire, WR13 6NW

I am very pleased to announce the list of artists participating in the RHS Malvern Spring Show PIA Exhibition, who will be displaying work based on the festival theme of ‘Through the Lens’ as well as others works and commissions.

Works in both 2D and 3D will be presented at this exhibition by professional artists and creators from Cheltenham, Malvern, Worcester and the surrounding area.

Many artists will be producing art works and pieces ‘live’ during the exhibition.

Participating Artists are:

Cherrie Mansfield

Based in Worcestershire, Cherrie uses acrylics and mixed media to create bold, expressive paintings in an abstract style. Some of her work contains strong references to geology and the natural environment, while other pieces evoke momentary observations like the pattern from a dress or a display of seaside spades.

Cherrie’s vibrant artwork is regularly exhibited at venues in the West Midlands and has been shown in St Ives and two London galleries. She has been shortlisted in national competitions, had a piece of work selected for the 2017 Society of Women Artists Annual Exhibition and is an Art Gemini Prize finalist

Chloe Hull

Chloe is a budding artist based in the Cotswolds, producing bronze sculptures. Her main passion is sculpting horses, as she has owned them for much of her life. Chloe is a self taught artist – She spent much of her time at school making sculptures in the art department but didn’t believe it was something she could pursue as a career. She recently re-discovered her sculpting skills in Autumn 2017. To date, Chloe has only produced commissions but has recently been able to create a selection of limited edition sculptures, and is very excited to present her work to the public.

Chris and Sarah Greening

Chris and Sarah both finish their work in a kiln but use very different media and techniques.

Chris has developed his pottery over 25 years and now uses his marine geology background to create traditional and abstract slipware pottery influenced by the natural environment.  Chris takes a ‘Through the Lens’ look at the geomorphology of the marine environment to inspire his more recent abstract pieces, some of which have a fluidity and organic texture.

Sarah started experimenting with recycled greenhouse glass and leaves in the kiln and quickly moved on to more intricate scientific techniques to make her distinctive fused glass jewellery designs. Sarah takes the ‘Through the Lens’ theme quite literally, most of her jewellery being capped with a 3mm lens of clear glass to give a depth and texture to the contents inside each unique piece. The magnified photos of her signature ‘bubbles’ are a piece of art in themselves.

Chris and Sarah pass on their skills to others through pottery and glass fusing classes for individuals or small groups in Worcester and out in the workplace for staff team building events. They both exhibit and sell their pieces via galleries, shops and art markets.

Deb Stanley

Deb is a Malvern based artist specialised in creating highly detailed, realistic artworks using artist quality coloured pencils and pastels. Her work covers a variety of subjects, mainly from the natural world and is currently focused on big cats, one receiving the David Shepherd Award at Nature in Art 2018. My exhibition work – Through the Lens depicts and demonstrates the fine form and features of big cats through the application of layers of individual pencil lines. Through intense study I build up colour, texture and depth to create the final completed piece. The detail and precision of line application and almost microscopic focus of the subject detail is indeed faces through a lens”.

Jilly Oxlade-Arnott

Oxlade-Arnott is known for her unique watercolour and fine line ink depictions of historically or nationally significant architecture. She is a Worcester based architectural watercolour artist from a family of draughtsmen, painters, potters and sculptors. Having two distinct styles, a traditional ‘Classique’ which is bright watercolour with detailed fine line ink and ‘Vivid’, simplistic bold lines on layers of pure vibrant colours, inspired by the pop art genre and best seen on large scale canvasses.

Jilly is known nationally for her works of Worcester, London, Cheltenham, Malvern and Ludlow and is gaining a following from the international collector’s scene for both her classique global and vivid work.

Architecture and its’ appreciation is of importance to Oxlade-Arnott, who commented “Buildings are the foundation of our lives, the interaction we all have with them may be inconsequential but if, once in a while you stop, look up, you’ll be surprised by what you’ve missed and how varied and intricate the urban landscape can really be.”

Marilyn Gough

Marilyn’s artworks are stunning abstract paintings; the vibrant colours flow around the canvas using the negative space to enhance the movement.

Using her unique way of working, no two paintings will ever be the same. She uses fluid paints, drawing inks and mediums, no brushes are involved, and the colours are literally poured onto the canvas, creating beautiful shapes and patterns that are alive with exuberant colour and movement. Her inspiration comes from nature, the sea, and the cosmos, particularly the amazing images provided by the Hubble telescope.

Recently Marilyn has been experimenting with healing stones incorporated into her working to help give them an additional spiritual dimension.

Marilyn works from her studio in Cheltenham, she has exhibited Internationally, her paintings are valued and enjoyed by all age groups.
Her last Exhibition was entitled ‘Art for the Imagination’, as her paintings stimulate the viewers quest for discovery.

For the festival theme of ‘Through the Lens’ Marilyn will expand on the many opportunities for image creation that her work in pouring mediums of resin art and alcohol inks provide.

Richard Evans

A self-taught Flameworker, specialising in borosilicate implosion pendants, its low coefficient thermal expansion properties creating a huge array of opportunity for colour, shape and form. Through continual discovery and experimentation in coloured glass applications, silver fuming and flame control, each unique piece is colourful, intricate and beautiful. He confesses to be, addicted to the endless pursuit of the perfect pendant.

Sam Fenner

Sam’s much sought after paintings don’t hang on gallery walls for long. She has an ever-growing reputation among artists and collectors for her distinctive animal portraits: a collection of eccentric animal portraits oozing with life and character, skilfully painted against a backdrop of vivid colour, and injected with the artist’s quirky sense of fun and humour.

One reason she engenders such loyalty among collectors is because she imbues her subjects with almost human characteristics – as well as being technically excellent paintings.

Sam continues to exhibit very successfully in and around the UK and sells to collectors worldwide.

Tony Davie

Coming from a family background in which art was a major theme, it was inevitable that Tony would become an artist. The vibrancy of his artistic style has been developed through travel, experimentation, and a fascination with light, colour and shape.

His work is unashamedly contemporary and his paintings do not sit quietly in a room. They are heavily textured and use bold, bright colours illuminated by hues of purples, golds and red. These pictures were inspired by 1960s artist Dan Flavin who was one of the first artists to use neon colours and light. Tony’s latest work is based on a study of Sennen Cove in Cornwall over 365 days.

Tracy Churchill

As an artist, my lens is my channel to my imagination. Feeding the information through and reproducing it back on to paper in my own style and in the way I see things. As a photographer might take a photo of Hares, Badgers, Blackbirds, my lens is not only my eyes, but also the materials I use to create the wildlife that I see. I love to use lots of colour in my art, so that when someone examines it, they will see several colours in maybe one leaf. Taking them on a journey to discover more as they look at the art.

Through the lens can be interpreted so many ways in art. How you see our art, each individual will see something different in the same piece. How we as artists create our work, again each artist will see the world completely differently from each other. For me a lens is my imagination, my interpretation, and my beautiful colours.

Wendy Strafford

An eclectic career followed by redundancy gave Wendy the opportunity to explore her real passion and start a new career in fused glass. Inspired by her cottage garden, Wendy uses the glass for colour, texture and light to create large fused glass flowers.

The imagery in Wendy’s work is close to nature, sometimes abstract but always colourful. Her unique style of creating large and small-scale pieces blend with the natural surroundings of the garden or parkland.

The exhibition “Through the Lens” is demonstrated in my work by taking small garden flowers and exaggerating that form, to become a larger than life depiction. Not intended to be “realistic” the fused glass has a quality of light and colour that enhances any real flower, so whether they are merging and blending with the real flowers or just standing on their own they will always be in clear focus.

Participate In Art Members

A selection of work from Participate in Art Members will be displayed for sale, including photography, abstract, sculpture and much more.

PA will also be presenting services that they offer to both artists and buyers, including its Memberships Scheme, Art-4-Business Programme, Meet the Art Programme, Artist Agency Programme, calendar of Events and Exhibitions, Talks and Workshops, Arts Supplier Conferences, Multidisciplinary Events and its Corporate Partnership/Sponsorship programme. See how PIA can help you.

PIA is very pleased to be present work by: Antony Pearson, Bic Beaumont, Heather Farmer, Jadu Sheridan, Kirsty Protherough, Sam Matthews and Susan Birth.

RHS Malvern Show takes place from 9th to 12th May 2019

PIA Exhibition location:

In partnership with Allomorphic, 11 Lansdown, Stroud GL5 1BB.

It is a great privilege and honour for pARTicipate to be asked to be part of the main pavilion.

If you require any clarification or have questions please get in touch via email (chris@participateinart.com) or call me +44 (0) 7713 055 999.

Chris Oxlade-Arnott 
Tel: +44 (0)7713 055 999 
Email: chris@participateinart.com

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