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The Pop-Up Gallery Initiative project was created at the start of 2017 by Architectural Impressions and has now been taken over and adopted by pARTicipate (PIA).

We will present nine separate events throughout 2019, providing access for artists across the year rather than only during the busy Summer and Christmas seasons

The Pop-Up Gallery Initiative is a project designed to:

  • Use unloved, unrented spaces in urban centres
  • Provide an outlet to showcase local artistic talent
  • Provide space for artists to display and promote their work, and the opportunity to interact with clients, new buyers and fellow artists
  • Provide a space for residents, visitors and tourists to meet artists and view new artwork
  • Increase awareness and take up of art
  • Increase awareness of the Artists themselves
  • Assist more inexperienced artists with customer interaction, display techniques and other valuable skills and knowledge
  • Help the more experienced artist in increasing their network
  • Generate sales for participating artists and artisans.

These pop-up galleries are designed to provide maximum exposure and sales opportunities for local artists so participating fees and/or gallery commissions are kept as low as possible. Our events are either artist fees, payable in advance with no additional gallery commission whilst our gallery commission events require no upfront fees but a percentage of sales made will be levied. Typically an artist fee event would cost as little as £15 per day and a gallery commission event would only be 20%.

A pop-up gallery is always indoors and normally presents up to six artists, giving each artist hanging wall space of more than 6 ft (2 metres) and floor space to accommodate a table. Galleries are normally over a weekend or 3-4 days if over a bank holiday. We try to take advance of the busier bank holiday periods as they attract larger number of visitors and tourists.

pARTicipate Pop Up Galleries are delivered in 2 formats:

Artist Present

These events are the most common pop-up gallery events and artists are expected to be present at the gallery for its duration. This gives them an opportunity to interact and talk with visitors, buyers and fellow artists. We use the quieter visitor periods during the day for artists to talk and learn from each other, PIA will also open mini discussions on subjects that they feel will be of benefit to the participating artists, such as 3rd party exhibition opportunities, social media and promotional tips or information on suitable suppliers. Artists will need public liability insurance cover to attend these events (minimum £5m cover for these events).

Artist Not Present

These events are more ad-hoc in their nature and can be for a longer duration (5-10 days), when we have managed to secure a site for busy period such as festival time. It may also not be possible for artists to be present throughout the event or not suitable. Their work will be presented, displayed and promoted as normal, PIA will manage all the payments and packaging on their behalf, providing a sales record and BACS transfer of net sales within a coupe of days of the event.

PIA offers its participating artists the availability to use its credit card and contactless payment system during these events (iZettle mobile device fees charged at 1.75%) at no additional cost.


We will robustly promote each event via blogs and social media, as well as links to artists own websites and social media sites. Promotions will include artist name (& brand), public contact details, web links and multiple images of work. 

In the run up to the opening, a piece from each artist will be displayed in ‘The Ounce’ on the Tything at least seven days prior to the event itself.

We will design and produce event posters and flyers, which will be given out across the city and are made available to each artist to help with their own promotional activities. Larger promotional banners are placed on event site windows before the event. 

All planning, trade licences, logistics and event management are dealt with by us. Due to the nature of Pop Galleries we may not have confirmation of the exact event location until closer to the event itself.

These are great opportunities to display and sell your work direct to the public during increased visitor times. We will assess the quality of work of all artists wishing to participate in these events to ensure that the high level of workmanship, application and presentation we require is achieved.

Pop-Up Gallery dates for 2019:

19th-2nd April (BH)
25th-27th May (BH)
22nd-23rd June
27th-28th July
21st-22nd September
26th-27th October
21st-22nd December

If you are interested in participating in a Pop-Up Gallery event please download, complete and submit the below Artist Application Form:

For more information on when the Pop-Up Galleries are taking place, please follow the link below:

If you wish to find out more about Participate In Art please contact us through the link below or contact us directly:

Chris Oxlade-Arnott
Tel: +44 (0)7713 055 999
Email: chris@participateinart.com

Comments from recent participating artists: 

Cherrie Mansfield commented on her participation in the October Pop Up Gallery “I loved being part of such a colourful pop-up gallery with three other talented artists.  We were in a cracking location that attracted a wide variety of people into the gallery. It was a great opportunity to show and sell my work in a city centre location and to exchange ideas with fellow artists too. The organisation by Architectural Impressions was faultless”.

Sasha Louise Rae said of the Courtyard Arts in October “Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and Jilly for the opportunity to be involved in the Courtyard Arts  today. I really appreciate your help, advice and words of encouragement and would really welcome the chance to work with you again”.

Susan Birth commented on the 1st Courtyards Arts “The view from my stand at yesterday’s first Courtyard Arts event organised by @archiimp in partnership with the nestWorcester. What a great day it turned out to be! Suberb venue, lovely sunshine and a constant stream of interested visitors, so thank you @archiimp”.

Chris Haywood said “The pop up exhibitions play an important role in raising the profile of Art in Worcester and are a good opportunity for artists to show their work to a local audience. It is very enjoyable to talk to people who have an interest in the Arts. The exhibition was expertly organised by Chris and Jilly and made it easy for artists to simply turn up and put their work up as they have done all of the time consuming background work. Even on a damp weekend, footfall was very good and the work received a positive reaction from everyone who popped in”.

Shilpi Sharma commented “The pop up gallery is a wonderful opportunity for local artists like me to display and share my work with others. It was very well organised and coordinated. It is a great platform for displaying and especially meeting a lot of wonderful people and sharing knowledge regarding art. Many thanks to Archiimp for all the help to reach out. I was very happy to be a part of the event and display & interact with lots of interesting  people and especially meet a lot of talented fellow artists”. 

Mark Zytynski said “I’m always grateful for a chance to exhibit so this opportunity was very welcome – especially as I’ve just moved to the area. Most valuable to me was the ability to ‘network’ and pick up on local artists, resource outlets etc by talking to the other exhibitors”. 

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