Hopmarket Arts

Artists participating in the next Hopmarket Arts on 21st April are:

Bic Beaumont

After a hiatus after completing my fine art degree, I got back into artwork after my mother had an amputation a few years ago and wanted a design for a couple of her casts and prosthetics, which led to life drawing classes, which really helped with my confidence, which enabled me to exhibit in several local Worcestershire events.

I find painting, printing and photography a way of shutting everything out, just giving myself a bit of time to do something creative and switch off. I want my artwork to be fun, which is why I use lots of colour and a bit of sparkle in my paintings, using nature and the animals I photograph as inspiration.

Jilly Oxlade-Arnott

Oxlade-Arnott is known for her unique watercolour and fine line ink depictions of historically or nationally significant architecture. She is a Worcester based architectural watercolour artist from a family of draughtsmen, painters, potters and sculptors. Having two distinct styles, a traditional ‘Classique’ which is bright watercolour with detailed fine line ink and ‘Vivid’, simplistic bold lines on layers of pure vibrant colours, inspired by the pop art genre and best seen on large scale canvasses.

Jilly is known nationally for her works of Worcester, London, Cheltenham, Malvern and Ludlow and is gaining a following from the international collector’s scene for both her classique global and vivid work.

Architecture and its’ appreciation is of importance to Oxlade-Arnott, who commented “Buildings are the foundation of our lives, the interaction we all have with them may be inconsequential but if, once in a while you stop, look up, you’ll be surprised by what you’ve missed and how varied and intricate the urban landscape can really be.”

Justine Morris Designs

Justine creates contemporary silver jewellery using traditional silversmithing techniques from her garden studio in Worcestershire. Her designs are based on classic shapes using hammered and textured finishes on her jewellery. She also incorporates stones and other metals such as copper, but her favourite is seaglass due to its natural shapes and texture.

She sells mainly at craft fairs in Worcestershire and via her online Etsy shop. Private commissions are undertaken, especially using seaglass collected by her clients to create unique meaningful pieces.

Laura Pettit

Laura studied illustration at Hereford College of Arts in 2011 where she achieved a BA (hons) in the subject. Taking inspiration from the world around her and her pet dogs Laura specialises in animal and pet illustrations, creating each one with watercolour pencils and pen. She aims for each one to show the character of the animal and takes commissions for both pet illustrations and portraits.

Penny Webb

Penny, was born and bred in Worcester, as a teenager she worked in Shropshire working for a bespoke hand painted tile company. She funded herself through University, where she graduated as a Teacher by buying children’s second hand furniture and painting them with Disney characters and fairies as well as wall murals. 

Art has always been a huge part of her life and her dream is to become a full time artist and teacher of art techniques.  This dream is one that is becoming a reality, as she now has her own art studio and workshop. She is selling well and has displayed at the Worcester Art gallery and various other places across Worcester and Malvern with the Worcester Society of Artists.

Hopmarket Arts is a Partnership between Participate In Art and The Hopmarket Charity (in collaboration with The Worcester City Council and Fisher German)

Hopmarket Arts are due to be held on the 3rd Sunday of every month from April to December. Hosting up to six outdoor exhibition stands in the beautiful courtyard of the Hop Market, off Sansome Street and The Foregate, Worcester, WR1

2019 will see the launch of Hopmarket Art Events and Participate In Art is honoured to be involved in the reinvigoration and the start of future growth of this forgotten gem of the City of Worcester.

This is a great opportunity to display and sell your work direct to the public during increased visitor times. Open to the public from 10am to 5pm.

These events are designed to provide maximum exposure and sales opportunities for local artists so participating fees and/or gallery commissions are kept as low as possible. The Hopmarket Arts events are artist participation fees only, payable with booking and there are no additional gallery commissions for this event.

Hopmarket Arts 2019 are only £30 per event

All planning, trade licences, logistics and event management are dealt with by us.

As these are outdoor events, inclement weather may have an impact to visitor numbers and may even result in the event being cancelled.

Hopmarket Arts dates for 2019:

21st April
19th May
16th June
21st July
18th August
15th September
20th October
17th November
15th December

Event Promotion

We will robustly promote each event via blogs, social media, as well as links to artist’s own websites and social media sites. Promotions will include artist name (& brand), public contact details, web links and multiple images of their work. 

We will design and produce event posters and flyers, which will be given out across the city and are made available to each artist to help with their own promotional activities. A large promotional banner is placed at the event site for a week before and during the event. 

Participation Details and Conditions

Loading/Unloading and Parking:

  • There are no parking facilities for this event, access to temporary parking for loading and unloading can be found off St Nicholas Road
  • The load/unload parking spaces are paid for and allocated to the Hopmarket businesses and residence. When leaving your vehicles, please place a note on your dashboard with name, mobile and stating that you are “Temporarily unloading for Hopmarket Arts, if you require me to move this vehicle please contact on …….”
  • This is a very busy and restricted area so please be mindful that it’s used regularly by traders and understandably they get quite upset about people using their allocated spaces. You will need to unload as quickly as possible, then move your vehicle and return to set up 
  • There are many public car parks in the area with the nearest being on Sansome Street for use during the day.

Conditions of Use:

  • Set up can begin from 9am and must be completed and ready to open by 9:55am
  • Break down cannot start until 5pm and must be completed by 6:30pm
  • Artist group photograph to take place on site at 10am
  • Artists or artist representatives to be present at all times (except breaks)
  • Artists are responsible for providing their own display equipment and floor furniture (including table and table covers)
  • Artists are responsible for their own sales only
  • Artists may use the entirety of their stand
  • Artist applications will be vetted to ensure a high standard of work, display and professionalism
  • If PIA or its representative asks you to remove any display outside your stand, this must be done without delay or question.
  • Each artist/stand will be allocated with a number
  • An A4 piece of paper marked with your name will be placed on your allocated stand. This may be removed once you have located your space
  • Stands are pre-allocated and cannot be changed without prior approval by PIA
  • PIA will provide the stand, location, space, presentation ideas and gazebo hanging solutions to you well in advance of the event  
  • Table covers must be used (no bare table/counter boards on show), banners must be hung and presented well. We have no doubt that this is second nature for you all
  • Last minute cancellation, due to weather, are a possibility however as the vast majority of marketing and artist promotions would have been completed the artist fees are non-refundable
  • We will assess the artists’ applications to ensure the quality of work of all artists wishing to participate in these events are of the high level of workmanship, application and presentation that we require.

The Stands Themselves:

  • Fitted with rear and sides weather panels (opaque white)
  • Rain gutters can be fitted to adjoining stands
  • No holes or damage are allowed to the stand fabric or wall material
  • Artists will be allocated a stand (3x3m)
  • All stands have at least one side facing the public (two or three if stand alone)
  • Artists will have access to the inside of the back wall and both inside side walls, they can use the stand frame to hang artwork from (no damage to be caused to stand)
  • The stands do not come with power/electricity provided (available on request at additional cost)
  • Permission from PIA must be sought for artists wanting to place/display work outside their stand (such as placement of easels/stands) as we have to consider neighbouring stands and public health and safety.


  • Artist must have valid Public Liability Insurance to a minimum value of £2m.

Event Sponsors:

  • This event is a partnership between The Hopmarket Charity and Participate In Art 
  • Any promotional material including social media transactions must copy/refer/tag the event partners
  • Additional sponsors will be sought to provide ongoing support throughout the year.

Event Assistance:

  • If you have any concerns or issues with your stand configuration, how to hang your work, or set up issues when you arrive, please contact Chris (07713 055 999), who will be available throughout the set up and breakdown periods to assist you in your display hanging, layout and lifting
  • PIA or its representative are likely to be there all day
  • You are reminded to be mindful of your and the public’s safety during set up and break down, especially when moving large, fragile, sharp or heavy objects.
  • For those who have no provision for taking credit card payment, subject to network signal, PIA will make its card payment terminal available to you. This is actioned through its mobile phone and Izettle payment device. We will not charge any additional fee for providing this service (iZettle currently charge 1.75%) and will transfer the net value when the payment has been cleared (normal 1-2 days)
  • Payment receipts can be emailed or texted to your customers directly.

Hopmarket Arts is a Partnership between Participate In Art and The Hopmarket Charity

Hopmarket Charity (Registered Number 244569): the income from the assets of the charity is held on trust to apply the same for the benefit of needy persons in the city of Worcester. Needy persons are defined for the purposes of the charity as persons who by reason of poverty, sickness or infirmity whether young or old are in need of financial assistance, care or attention

If you are interested in participating in a Hopmarket Arts event please download, complete and submit the below Artist Application Form:

For more information on when the Hopmarket Arts are taking place, please follow the link below:

If you wish to find out more about Participate In Art please contact us through the link below or contact us directly:

Chris Oxlade-Arnott 
Tel: +44 (0)7713 055 999 
Email: chris@participateinart.com

© Copyright and Intellectual Property Right (IP) of all images are held by Participate In Art.

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