Artist Mentoring

The Artist Mentoring Programme is incredibility successful in assisting and guiding clients to reach their objectives and aspirations. Be it to sell their work to a wider audience, help with their own marketing and promotion, improving their online presence, dealing with the administration aspects (the non arty boring bits), prepare for an event, setting and planning a full business strategy, or all of the above and beyond.

Some unprovoked comments from clients: (I couldn’t have written these even if I tried!!)

“You are the exact answer to my problems. I need to exhibit my work, help and advice to unblock my mind, boost my non-existent confidence in myself and provide knowledge in organising my work space and practice, thank you so much.”

“I’m just writing to say I am overwhelmed by your patience, your reassurances and your belief in me! How did this happen? Perhaps there are such things as miracles? Definitely Serendipity”. Mrs N

“I really do believe that working with you will enable me to progress much more quickly (and efficiently!) toward making my art a sustainable stream of income”. Mrs M

Through one-to-one informal sessions we establish what you want to achieve, set a plan of action on how we can get you there and then help and assist you the whole way through. Working at a pace that suits you and pushing you when needed.

Is it for me, do you want to:

  • get more out of your art/creativity but not sure how to go about it
  • have lots of artwork around the house/studio and you need to made space
  • sell your work but don’t know how to go about it or what to do
  • know if your work is good enough or ready to be sold yet
  • not have the confidence to take to next step
  • have signed up to an exhibition and want help to get ready
  • just want some advice and guidance on what to do next
  • get your hobby to bring in some money or at least contribute
  • leave your main job/source of income to follow your passion for art
  • start a new business and this has to make a living
  • make sure you make the most of the cost you are putting in.

If you need guidance and a supporting hand in a relaxed and personal environment then lets see if we can help you.


Through an initial engagement we establish at what stage you are currently at, what are your particular constraints and commitments, what activities you currently do, what are you objectives (these may not be as obvious as there seem) and what are the ares of immediate development.

We then jointly agree what we want to achieve and by when, what is the best way to go about it and break it down into simple achievable and manageable tasks. I create a report/notes from each session that explains what we discussed and what actions we are going to take.

Their is no commitment or obligation beyond each sessions, it is completely up to you if you want to continue with my assistance (and its frequency), take the advice and do it yourself or do no of the above- its up to you.

Sessions take anything from one to two hours (depending on what we are doing) and I spend about another hour on reports and other tasks that we have agreed. I will be giving you four to five tasks (homework!) to do between sessions which means that are sessions are as productive as possible.

I am practical and flexible, my focus is to assist you in meeting your objectives. We make all decisions together and I make sure you are conformable and understand what is involved before we agree anything.


Our initial session is free of charge and any subsequent sessions are charged at £50 each. All my clients so far have been via referral and I only take on new clients if I can be sure that I can provide the time and concentration that they need.

If you want to know more or have a particular area you want to discuss please do not hesitate to give me a call on 07713 055 999 or email

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