Art For Business Programme

The Art For Business (A4B) Programme is attractive to both artists and businesses through the generation of additional revenue streams, valuable promotion and increased brand/name awareness, no resource or overhead requirements and is provided through a highly professional managed service.

To see our existing Art For Business Partners please follow the link below:

Art For Business (A4B) at The Old Pheasant

Advantages to the Artist:

  • Set up and work rotation managed by pARTicipate
  • Promotion of space and artist provided by pARTicipate and the business
  • Name and brand promoted directly to the public an to our networks
  • Work located in a safe and secure indoor environment
  • Works exposed for 1-3 month periods
  • Artist and work chosen to be suitable and attractive to the known business demographic
  • Constant flow of people looking at the works presented
  • Sales and payments taken care of by pARTicipate
  • Artist able to use the programme as part of their own marketing credentials, with quality establishments that support the arts and artists
  • Have access to pARTicipate’s network of Art For Business Partners
  • pARTicipate will manage work rotation and replacement around your stock availability (not a fixed contract)
  • New work can be introduced as required (this generates additional promotional activities)
  • Low commission charges inline with PIA’s ethos of ‘Affordable Opportunities’
  • Actual commission rates vary on a case by case basis (subject to where the Art For Business Programme has been taken up) but it’s typically only 20% of sales value

Advantages to Business:

  • pARTicipate take full ownership of the process and requires no resource from the business. We will measure, plan, curate and hang all works during suitable business periods
  • pARTicipate will take care to ensure the establisment’s walls and structure are not damaged in any way, that works presented are sympathetic to its, brand ethos, client demographic and atmosphere
  • We will source artists and works that would be most suitable for the business (in size, subject, colour, medium, artist profile)
  • We will managed all artist & stock rotations and replacement seamlessly
  • Have access to pARTicipate’s network of artists
  • The business and its participating support of the Art For Business Programme and of local artists will be regularly and frequently promoted
  • Business will have its own listing and links on the PIA website as a PIA Partner
  • Business will have new and exciting artworks presented in their establishments
  • Businesses who wouldn’t/couldn’t ordinarily purchase original or expensive art work, will now be able to have access to them
  • Business will receive a percentage of the artist commission as a revenue stream
  • Art For Business adds value to your business in terms of revenue, quality presentation, improved client experience, additional network marketing at very low risk

If you are a Artist or an Business and wish to find out more about the Art For Business Programme and how it may help you, please contact us through the link below or contact us directly:

Chris Oxlade-Arnott 
Tel: +44 (0)7713 055 999 

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