Participate In Art (PIA)

Participate In Art (PIA) was launched in January 2019 to provide opportunities, support and access to artists and art communities. Through sourcing and delivering sales opportunities, guidance and business/artist mentoring, PIA assist artists to achieve their commercial aspirations through their art.

Providing knowledge, support and mentoring to artists, creators & art communities

Sourcing, delivering and curating opportunities for sales and enhanced accessibility

Mentoring and Assistance: We provide support and assistance to artists though a one-to-one mentoring programme to help artists to achieve their goals and objectives.

Event and Exhibition Curation: PIA curates and delivers a number of exhibitions, pop up galleries, a series of monthly and annual events and one off special project events throughout the year.

Working with partners PIA curate and deliver the Courtyard Arts, Hopmarket Arts, Riverside Arts, Christmas Arts and Pop Up Galleries. PIA produce specific exhibitions and pavilions at RHS Malvern Spring Show, Worcester Show, Hopmarket Festival and LitFest. As well as programmes such as its Art 4 Business programme, buyer/art enthusiast programme, meet the artist events, launches, talks and workshops.

Service Offering and Knowledge Base: PIA vet and source suitable suppliers and partners, guide and assist with display and presentation skills, merchandising solutions, product pricing, legal compliance, preparing and procuring stock and much more.

The Artist Mentoring Programme is incredibility successful in assisting and guiding clients to reach their objectives and aspirations. Be it to sell their work to a wider audience, help with their own marketing and promotion, improving their online presence, dealing with the administration aspects (the non arty boring bits), prepare for an event, setting and planning a full business strategy, or all of the above and beyond.

We establish what you want to achieve, set a plan of action on how we can get you there and then help and assist you the whole way through. Working at a pace that suits you and pushing you when needed.

Our ‘Affordable Opportunity’ based events, galleries and exhibitions are designed to provide maximum awareness of your work and provide opportunities for sales. We present and showcase artists and creators of all disciplines, mediums and styles.