RPW Launches its new Friday Night Live concert series

PIA strongly encourages its members and friends to support this exciting new venture for the county.

PIA partner, Royal Porcelain Works have just launched a series of ‘Friday Night LIVE’ music events – This new venture is being organised with Keith Slade, who is the conductor of the Worcestershire Symphony Orchestra.

The series of monthly concerts are all on the first Friday of every month, starting at 7.30pm, featuring a hugely impressive line-up of nationally and internationally acclaimed performers.

The first “Friday Night LIVE” concert is taking place this Friday evening (6th September) and will offer those attending a truly unique experience, as members of the audience will all be seated within the orchestra for a performance of Beethoven’s iconic Fifth Symphony, rather than in a conventional theatre-style layout.

The Beethoven Experience

This revolutionary approach takes the concept of theatre in the round to the ultimate level, completely eliminating the separation between performers and audience and enabling everyone present to experience how it sounds – and, more importantly how it feels – to be part of an orchestra during a live concert performance.

Keith has a very particular approach to concert performances in that he believes that small ensembles of players and soloists can best be heard “up close and personal“. To this end, he has designed the series of concerts to have a very intimate feel to them, so that members of the audience don’t just hear the music, they also feel it.

The tickets are very reasonably priced and the aim is for the concerts to finish at a time that will enable everyone attending sufficient time to continue their Friday evening out in Worcester with a meal or a drink – or just to go home for an early night!

Ticket numbers for next Friday evening are restricted to a total of 80 to ensure that every member of the audience is able to find a suitable place to sit within the Orchestra, Participate In Art would encourage anyone who is interested in going along to book their tickets soon so as not to be disappointed.

Further information regarding the full Friday Night Live series of concerts can be found by following this link or by calling +44 (0)1905 677 399:

For more information West Midlands born conductor Keith Slade, please visit:


PIA are not involved in this event but are supporting its partner – RPW, and is passionate about the ongoing success of this new venture

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