Call for Inclusion in Music Festival Merchandise Store

The Worcester PIA Music Festival Art Exhibition and Hub will be taking place in Worcester between 13th and 15th September 2019

This year Participate In Art (PIA) are proud to be partnering with the Worcester Music Festival to host the first ever PIA Music Festival Art Exhibition and Hub.  

The merchandising store is designed to provide a sales outlet for performing artists during the annual music festival.  PIA will be responsible for the display and presentation of all product, manage all inventory, all sales’ on the day’ and take follow on orders if artists wish. They will also provide extensive pre event PR for participating artists. PIA will be present throughout the festival to actively promote artists merchandise too.

The Hub will include a dedicated space for the promotional sale of Worcester Music Festival performing artist merchandise – of all types, in a single idea location, organised and managed on their behalf throughout the festival.

PIA will levy only 10% commission fees on all sales made in the Merchandise store (+1.75% if a credit card is used). Artists will need to arrange to have their stock delivered and collected from the store, but PIA could assist for locally based artists.

This is an opportunity for artists to gain much needed sales, follow on sales and promotion to an increased audience, taking advantage of the increased access to the annual Worcester Music Festival performers and visitors.

Merchandise that artists may wish to put into the hub could be a full suite of material, such as posters, signed prints, future event tickets, current and back catalogue CD’s, books, mugs, clothing or just a stack of their latest release.

It would be preferential to have artists stock in advance for display preparation, but if they are not available then on the day is fine – the choice is yours. 

General Conditions:

PIA will post pre event social media and blogs of (including images, artist information, contact details, SM links, sales links etc.,) for each artist who wishes to have merchandise in the store.

Promotional Material for PR release (source data)

  • Artists are responsible for the integrity of the data provided
  • Artists agree that PIA may use these images, logos and wording for the promotion of this event (only)
  • Artists ensure that all images submitted are free from copyright and IP consent issues
  • Artists to provide name (band name), top level description (music type), statement (information they want the public to know about you), contact details (to be promoted by PIA – web, SM) and a set of images (as many as they wish)
  • The more images that artists provide the more that will be released

Example of artist PR source data:

Artist Name/Brand: 
Jilly Oxlade-Arnott of Architectural Impressions       

Discipline/Top Level Description:  
Architectural Watercolour Artist                    

Biography (up to 100 words):  
An Architectural Watercolour Artist working in fine line ink and bold watercolour. Her unique and colourful style concentrates on the subject building leaving the rest as fine line ink work. She lives and works in Worcester and will be displaying original watercolour, fine art prints, digital prints and cards of her Worcester, Malvern, Croome and Global Collections.  

Contact Details:     
Mobile: 07879 347 007
Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram): @archiimp

Image #1 Title: Logo
Image #2 Title: Jilly with Artwork
Image #3 Title: Artwork Image
Image #4 Title: Artwork Image 2


  • Artists agree that PIA may promote and sell all delivered product on their behalf
  • The Artist is responsible for the quality and workmanship of the product,  ensuring they are free from defect or damages (unless clearly stated otherwise) and have passed all relevant standards for sales of goods to the UK market
  • Artists are responsible for ensuring that it has the authority to offer these goods to PIA for resale
  • PIA has the right to refuse to promote material and or product that it deems to be offensive or inflammatory
  • No perishable products are to be submitted


  • Ownership of all product remains with the Artist until the product has been legally purchased by the consumer
  • PIA is a temporary guardian of the Artist product for the purpose of this event only

Product Pricing & Description Marking:

  • All product delivered to be marked in such a way as to be simple for the public to know its price (such as pricing label on each item, swing tag, a display card with pricing, display box clearly marked etc.)


Artist to provide (email in advance or with delivery) an inventory of all delivered product, as detailed:

Sample Inventory


  • ‘In and Out’ columns will be used by PIA to stock audit delivered product (incoming) and end of event remaining product
  • All pricing are end user pricing, and Artists need to include all PIA 10% commission fees and any other charges (not applicable to Art Exhibition Artists)
  • 1.75% charges only applies if the item is purchased with a credit card, this charge does not apply to cash sales
  • PIA will undertake an entry audit of all delivered product, any differences to Artist inventory will be resolved priory to item being released for sale

Sales Record

  • PIA will produce a daily sales record (internal use only – not sent to artist)
  • At the close of the event PIA will send a closing report to each artist detailing the products, costs and final funds due

Sample Artist Sales Record


  • All funds (excluding fees and charges – see sales record) will be transfers via BACs to the Artist chosen account no later than four days after the event closure. This is to allow the clearance of any credit card transactions by the credit card company
  • On a case by case basis funds may be paid on collection of product

Returning Product

  • The Artist is responsible for the collection/shipment of unsold product
  • Delivery by PIA may be arranged on a case by case bases with prior agreement


  • PIA can make no guarantee of footfall numbers or of estimated sales during the Event
  • PIA will promote the event as much as is practicable
  • PIA will actively promote each participating artist equally
  • All records and data given to PIA is controlled and managed through its GDPR policy (available to download via
  • PIA holds integrity in the highest regard and always looks after the best interests of its artists and partners
  • PIA will not offer any price discount or multiple purchase offers without prior formal consent of the Artist

For inclusion in the Music Festival Merchandise Store please contact Chris on 07713 055 999 or email:

Participate In Art sources, deliveres and curates opportunities for sales and enhanced accessibility to artists and performing artists. PIA works to join different artist disciplines together (fine art, poetry, music, spoken word, sculpture etc.,) in events that offer participating artists opportunities to increase sales, networks and awareness, whilst providing the public with an enhanced experience and entertainment.

Chris Oxlade-Arnott 
Tel: +44 (0)7713 055 999 

© Copyright and Intellectual Property Right (IP) of all images are held by Participate In Art.

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