Art and Performance Weekend Artist Jantil Moon

Participate In Art and the Royal Porcelain Works will host the first Arts and Performance Weekend on 24th to the 26th August 2019 at the Royal Porcelain Work, off Severn Street, Worcester.

A weekend like no other bringing all aspects of arts and culture together in one place, from poetry, a book shop, artworks to interactive performances.

An amazing weekend of culture and experience with live music, song, poetry, plays, interactive installations, art and artists in the beautiful surrounds on the recently renovated Royal Porcelain Works. This event is suitable for all ages and appreciations.

Artist Jantil Moon will be there over the weekend…

Artist: Jantil Moon

Jantil Moon is based in Worcester, UK where she originally moved to study Science in 2000. It wasn’t long however before she was drawn to the Arts and subsequently this led her to embark on and complete a BA in Ceramics and Glass at De Montfort University, Leicester in 2008.

The alchemical nature of ceramics provided an opportunity to unite Jantil’s strengths and passion for both artistic and scientific experimentation, for example, particularly when testing possibilities with glaze formulation and unusual surface treatments.

Jantil now primarily works with either paper and ink, or acrylic on canvas.

Science still provides much of her inspiration and she has continued to build upon themes investigated during her studies, such as the ambiguity of forms occurring in micro and macro scales, and the rich source imagery found among pre-digital, and especially vintage scientific diagrams and illustrations.

From waves to particles, biology to landscapes, I am endlessly fascinated by how the universe has patterns, cycles and forms that mirror each other across many scales.

For me, both art and science are connected by the primary driving force of human curiosity about our reality, and the creative endeavour to satisfy it.

Jantil’s recent work also includes elements of philosophy, religious iconography and mystic symbolism, as she explores and draws on her uniquely diverse family heritage of Irish Catholicism/Church of England on the maternal side, and Islam/Judaism on the paternal one.

Through her art practice, Jantil desires to illuminate the human quest to make sense of our reality, and our conscious relationship to it, as we continuously endeavour to glimpse the intangible through various lenses of perception, be they scientific, religious or philosophical.

Using a repertoire of abstract forms and familiar symbolism, Jantil intends to illustrate that all interpretations of our wondrous inner and outer worlds also ultimately lie in the mind’s-eye of the beholder.

Drawing on coffee stained paper provides a fertile foundation; the incidental marks suggesting a potential composition. Then during the repetitive slow process of organically building up these familiar and ambiguous structures, I have time to meditate on my own perceptions and theories.

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Facebook: jantilmoonart Facebook: moon fables

Over the August Bank Holiday Saturday and Sunday 11-5pm and Monday 11-4pm, visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in art and culture of all forms at The Royal Porcelain Works, Severn Street, Worcester, WR1 2NE.


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