Art and Performance Weekend – Love Letters Performance

Participate In Art and the Royal Porcelain Works will host the first Arts and Performance Weekend on 24th to the 26th August 2019 at the Royal Porcelain Work, off Severn Street, Worcester.

A weekend like no other bringing all aspects of arts and culture together in one place, from poetry, a book shop, artworks to interactive performances.

An amazing weekend of culture and experience with live music, song, poetry, plays, interactive installations, art and artists in the beautiful surrounds on the recently renovated Royal Porcelain Works. This event is suitable for all ages and appreciations.

Interactive performance and art installation Brain Cocaine will be there over the weekend...

Brain Cocaine presents:

Love Letters (an interactive art installation and performance)

Love Letters

In our often busy and stressful lives, it can be difficult to find a moment to appreciate ourselves and our loved ones. Love Letters invites audiences to take that moment. Upon entering the space, you will be asked to pick a love letter and have it read to you, then will be encouraged to write your own. The letter could be addressed to anyone – a loved one, a friend, yourself – or it could even be to the city or to the world. It’s a moment to ponder how much the people in our lives matter to us, as we are often so busy, we forget to tell them how much they mean to us! 

The letters will be collected and hung in an awesome display of love, diversity, acceptance and truth. Creating the installation is our way of battling current divisive politics. The media makes out that we are a country already at war with each other. Let’s show them that we are a country of acceptance and love!

**Audiences are welcome to take photographs of their letters, or the display of letters as part of the installation and to share these on social media. Please be aware that a publicity photographer will sometimes be present on-site. Participants may be photographed during their participation and these photographs may be used online and in print for promotional purposes. If you don’t want to appear in photographs, you are welcome to opt-out. Please speak to a performer or the photographer to make us aware you don’t want to be photographed. All persons under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.**

Brain Cocaine are a performance collective specialising in fully interactive performances. We’re not like traditional theatre; we invite audiences into fun fictional worlds where they get to be the characters and take part in the performance. We make ‘feel-good’ theatre; our work often focuses on positively boosting mental health and encouraging self-love and self-appreciation. It’s all about you!

Brain Cocaine have taken work to some of the most prominent art platforms and venues in the UK including Duckie at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern (London), Emergency (Manchester) and Acts of Searching Closely (London). 

Love Letters will be performing on Saturday 24th and Monday 26th, with the installation growing organically throughout the weekend.

Over the August Bank Holiday Saturday and Sunday 11-5pm and Monday 11-4pm, visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in art and culture of all forms at The Royal Porcelain Works, Severn Street, Worcester, WR1 2NE.


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