Worcester Show 2019 PIA Art Pavilion Artists

The PIA Art Pavilion will present the amazing works and creations of some Worcestershire based artists and creators.

Worcester Show 2019 – PIA Art Pavilion on Sunday 11th August 2019

Participating Artists are: Antony Pearson (Stereographic Photography), Mercedes Pearson (Graphic Design & Mixed Media), Jiny Lennon (Oils and Pastels), Jilly Oxlade-Arnott (Architectural Watercolours), Bic Beaumont (Mixed Media), Laura Pettit (Illustration), Justine Morris (Silver Smith), Sarah Greening (Glass Fusion), Chris Greening (Pottery) and Lenny Ledgerwood (Lino Cut).

Antony Pearson (Stereographic Photography)

Contact Antony via Email: anthony.pearson@dankspangle.com Website: http://www.dankspangle.com

Mercedes Pearson (Mixed Media & Graphic Designer)

Contact Mercedes via Email: mercedes@mercedespearson.co.uk Website: www.mercedespearson.co.uk

Jiny Lennon (Oils and Pastels)

Contact Jiny via Email: jinyjan@aol.com Facebook: jinylenny Instagram: jiny_lennon Hype Hub: https://hype-hub.com/author/jiny-lennon/

Jilly Oxlade-Arnott (Architectural Watercolours)

Contact Jilly via Mobile: 07879 347 007 Email: jilly@architecturalimpressions.uk Website: http://www.archiimp.com Twitter: @JillyArchiImp Instagram: @archiimp Facebook: @Jilly Oxlade-Arnott

Justine Morris (Silver Smith)

Contact Justine via Email: JustineMorrisDesigns@gmail.com Website: www.etsy.com/shop/JustineMorrisDesigns Facebook &Instagram: @JustineMorrisDesigns Twitter: @JMD_Silver

Laura Pettit (Illustration)

Contact Laura via Mobile: 07701 001 998 Email: laurapettitillustration@outlook.com Instagram: laura.pettit.illustrations Facebook: laurapettitillustration

Lenny Ledgerwood (Lino Cut)

Contact Lenny via Facebook: @InkyBunnyCards  Instagram: lennyledgerwood

Bic Beaumont (Mixed Media)

Contact Bic via: Email: ferridaybeaumont@gmail.com Facebook: bicbeaumontart

Chris Greening (Pottery)

Contact Chris via Web: http://www.chrisgreeningpottery.co.uk Email: chris@chrisgreeningpottery.co.uk Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: @greeningpottery

Sarah Greening (Glass Fusion)

Contact Sarah via Web: http://www.sarahgreeningglass.co.uk  Email: sarah@sarahgreeningglass.co.uk Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: @greeningglass

The PIA Art Pavilion is a Participate In Art especially curated & created for the Worcester Show 2019

This event is on the 2nd day of the Worcester Festival, see Festival Event Guide Pages 8 & 17 for more details

Location numbers 13 on the Festival map on page 21

For more information on the event visit the Worcester Show website: https://www.worcestershow.org.uk/ or Participate In Art website event page: https://www.participateinart.com/events/worcester-show-2019-pia-art-pavilion/

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