Worcestershire LitFest Book Shop 2019

New for the 2019 Worcestershire LitFest, will be the inclusion of a Book Shop with nearly 100 titles for sale.

LitFest launches on Sunday 9th to 15th and the Book Shop opens from Tuesday 11th to Saturday 15th June

This is the first time a collection of works from the LitFest performing Poets and associated Publishers have been available in one place and there is no better place to launch this than the 2019 Worcestershire LitFest Hub.

Around 100 different titles available !!

The 2019 LitFest Hub is open from Tuesday to Saturday. Not just host the new book shop and the illustration exhibition, but day time poetry performances too (again new for the Lit Fest). The Hub will also be a place to purchase evening performance tickets, LitFest raffle tickets, event T-shirts and find out what other events the LitFest produce or support throughout the year.

Works will be available to purchase from Black Pear Press and V Press as well as a selection of books from winners of the Young Writer and Flash Fiction Competition, Worcester Poet Laureates and many other individual poets including Bob Woodroofe, Daniel Burton, DrayZera, Georgie Bull, Heather Wastie, Jason Conway, Jon Hartless, Kathy Gee, Kevin Brooke, Mel Wardle Woodend, Sarah Leavesley, Sue Johnson and Suz Winspear.

Located in The Old Pheasant (@theoldpheasant ), New Street, Worcester, WR1 2DP from Tuesday 11th to Saturday 15th June

For more information on the Worcestershire Litfest and the schedule of events please visit:

or download the brochure:

Individual Author Publications available at the book shop include:

Bob WoodroofeNature of the Vale –
The local countryside & seasons
Reflections of the Vale –
Evesham poems & prose
Spirit of the Vale –
Nature & life in the Vale of Evesham
Tales of Trees –
Paired family poems with Sue Johnson
Something stirred –
In search of Greenness
Journey –
From pathways to poems with Sue Johnson
Pick of the Crop –
The poetry collection
Daniel BurtonDark Nights into Brighter Days £7.00
DrayZeraBroken Circuit Board£9.00
Georgie BullVoices£9.99
Heather Wastie The Page-Turner’s Dilemma£5.00
Weaving Yarns£7.00
Don’t Oil The Hinges£7.00
Idle Women of the Wartime Waterways £8.00
Jason ConwayPhoenix Rises£10.00
Jon Hartless Full Throttle £7.99
Rise of the Steampunk Empire £5.00
Romanticism Lost are both £5.00
Kathy GeeCheckout£6.50
Mel Wardle
A Poet ’s Poem£4.00
Journeys & Memories£6.00
Poems of Spring£4.00
Natural Colours£6.00
Just a Thought£6.00
What Am I? An Alphabet of animal poems£6.00
I smell fish and chips and worms too£6.00
Tail of a little brown mouse£6.00
Sarah Leavesley How to Grow Matches £5.00
Outstretched Hands£20.00
Sue JohnsonTasting Words, Hearing Colours £5.00
Curious Women £5.00
Threads – spinning the web of time £5.00
Fable’s Fortune £5.00
The Yellow Silk Dress £5.00
The Girl With Amber Eyes £5.00
Writing Success £5.00
Suz WinspearI do not need a new obsession£4.00
The Aniseed Elite£4.00
The Awkward People£6.00

Black Pear Website: http://www.blackpear.net      email: office@blackpear.net Facebook: @BlackPearPress

Black Pear Press (BPP) discovers good writers and creates quality books. Marketing principally through book launches, signings and at regional spoken word events, BPP encourages all writers to work hard at marketing their work. The company uses social media and networking to advise of new publications.

Black Pear Press Publications available at the book shop include:

Amanda BonnickPick Your Own £5.00
Black Pear PressShort Stories From Black Pear Press £4.00
Seaglass And Other Stories £4.00
On The Day Of The Dead£4.00
C.S.BarnesThe Women You Were Warned About£7.00
Frances BennettSeeds Of Destruction£8.00
Jill ToddEcho Of Bells£10.00
Johnny ‘Mogs’ MorrisGriff£8.00
Poems Your Parents Won’t Like£10.00
Kevin BrookeJimmy Cricket£7.00
Max & Luchia: The Game Makers £8.00
Kieran DavisLacuna£6.00
Madeleine RiddMillie’s Brilliant Birthday Plan£7.00
Mark BillenTales From The Forest£7.50
Math JonesSabrina Bridge£6.00
Michael W. ThomasThe Girl From Midfoxfields £8.00
The Portswick Imp£7.00
OakleyIn the dark times£6.00
Pam KeevilVirgin At Fifty£8.00
Paul EccentricDoes My Bass Look Big In This? £10.00
Polly StrettonGirl’s Got Rhythm£5.00
Rod GriffithsAimless Fear £7.50
The Not So Stories£4.00
Triple Trouble£8.00
Voicing Dementia£5.00
Tim Cranmore Barred£7.00
Young Writers 2017Of Machines and Men£2.50
Young Writers 2018Checkmate£2.50
Flash Fiction 2013Flashes Of Fiction £2.50
Flash Fiction 2014Fifty Flashes Of Fiction £2.50
Flash Fiction 2015 A Stash Of Flashes £2.50
Flash Fiction 2016 A Cache Of Flashes £2.50
Flash Fiction 2017 Wired £2.50
Flash Fiction 2018Sacrifice £2.50

V. Press Website: http://www.vpresspoetry.blogspot.co.uk Facebook: @vpresspoetry

V. Press publishes poetry and flash fiction that is very very – work that knows what it wants to do and does it well. The press was shortlisted in the Michael Marks Publishers Award 2017, with titles winning or shortlisted in the Saboteur Awards and The Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry, as well as featured in the Times Literary Supplement and Vogue.

V Press Publications available at the book shop include:

Margaret AdkinsMingled Space£5.00
Charley BarnesScare Stories£5.00
James DaveyHow to Parallel Park£5.00
Carrie EtterHometown£5.00
Jinny FisherThe Escapologist£5.00
Nina LewisFragile Houses £5.00
David O’Hanlon Art Brut £5.00
Jenna PlewesAgainst the Pull of Time £5.00
Alex Reed &
Keren Banning
These nights at home £5.00
Becky Varley-WinterHeroines£5.00
Claire Walker Somewhere Between Rose and Black £5.00
Martin ZarropMaking Waves£5.00
Helen CalcuttUnable Mother £9.99
Gram Joel DaviesBolt Down This Earth£9.99
Kathy GeeBook of Bones £9.99
John Lawrence The boy who couldn’t say his name£9.99
Michael LovedayThree Men on the Edge £9.99
Antony OwenThe Nagasaki Elder £9.99
Brenda Read-BrownLike love£9.99
Jacqui RoweBlink£9.99

Located in The Old Pheasant, New Street, Worcester, WR1 2DP from Tuesday 11th to Saturday 15th June

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