Be part of PIA Members Stand at RHS Malvern

PIA is giving artists the opportunity to display work at the RHS Malvern Show on the PIA members stand.

Space has been allocated by PIA for the display and promotion of works by artists who have used PIA (Archiimp) services in the last 12 months. This is part of the PIA’s own promotion of its activities and service that it offers artists, art communities, businesses and buyers. PIA want to show the public the breadth of art, artistic style and creativity that it represents and promotes.

PIA will invite a select number of artists to provide a few key pieces for display and sale at this amazing event.

Their work will be professionally displayed for the duration of the event, together with information about each artist and where the public can see their work. PIA will use their inclusion for direct communication with the visiting public with an aim to produce sales, commission interest and build awareness for the participating artists.

What you provide:

  • Up to four works for display (approx 1.5sqm total)
  • Up to three additional works (at a similar size) for sales replacements
  • Business cards & promotional material
  • Opportunity to add further replacement items, if required (during show period)

How to get involved:

  • Email with an initial email to confirm your interest.
  • Email with your name (brand name if you use one), contact details you wish to be promoted (eg: email, web, mobile, social media), biography/artist statement (<100 words), one image of each piece of work to be included in the event (> 1mb each), four additional promotional images of you, other work etc, finished dimensions and weight of inclusive works (in cm’s/grams), titles and sale prices of inclusive work and services offered.
  • Notes: All prices provided by the artist will be displayed to the public and must be a final sales price inclusive of VAT – if applicable, packaging, credit card transaction fee of 1.75% – if used and PIA sales commission @20%.

Conditions of submission:

  • Artist participation fees for event and marketing and administration is £60 per artist then PIA sales commission of 20%. Participation fees payable in advance.
  • Sales commission is for direct event sales only and is not applied to follow on sales.
  • All hanging 2D artwork must be delivered ‘strung’. All 3D or table mounted items must have suitable plinths or stands.
  • Please provide suitable (easy to identify, manage and store) packaging/ bags and business cards.
  • Works and auxiliary items to be delivered to PIA one week before the event and any unsold works and sales revenue will be available to collect the week following the event.

Chris Oxlade-Arnott 
Tel: +44 (0)7713 055 999 

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