Contrasting View Exhibition

Jilly Oxlade-Arnott’s Contrasting View Exhibition for International Women’s Day opens tomorrow at the Third Space Worcester Arts Workshop (for the whole of March)

PIA sets up ‘Contrasting View Exhibition’ in The Third Space at the Worcester Arts Workshop (WAW) for PIA Gold Member Jilly Oxlade-Arnott.

This exhibition will open from tomorrow until the end of March, as part of WAW’s recognition of International Women’s Day (IWD) on Friday 8th March at 21 Sansome Street, Worcester, WR1 1UH.

This micro exhibition in honour of International Women’s Day showcases two contrasting styles of work by Jilly Oxlade-Arnott, who gave up a career to follow her passion for drawing, painting and architecture. In just two years she has established a national and international collector base and has a growing private commission network. A prolific artist who produces three new collections a year as well as a number of celebrated exhibitions.

Oxlade-Arnott is known for her unique watercolour and fine line ink depictions of historically or nationally significant architecture. She is a Worcester based architectural watercolour artist from a family of draughtsmen, painters, potters and sculptors. Having two distinct styles, a traditional ‘Classique’ which is bright watercolour with detailed fine line ink and ‘Vivid’, simplistic bold lines on layers of pure vibrant colours, inspired by the pop art genre and best seen on large scale canvasses.

Works for sale are:

  • Artwork A ‘St. Paul’s Cathedral in Refreshers Colour’ Original A2 Fine Art Canvas £140.00
  • Artwork B ‘St. Paul’s Cathedral’ Original Ink & Watercolour £420.00
  • Artwork C ‘Big Ben Duo in Red/Blue/White’ Original A2 Fine Art Canvas £140.00
  • Artwork D ‘Big Ben Duo in Ruby/Olive Green/White’ Original A1 Fine Art Canvas £280.00
  • Artwork E ‘Big Ben (Elisabeth Tower)’Original Ink & Watercolour £420.00
  • Artwork F ‘Buckingham Palace’Original Ink & Watercolour £420.00
  • Artwork G ‘Buckingham Palace in Jade, Purple, White’Original A1 Fine Art Canvas £280.00
  • Artwork H ‘Tower Bridge in Racing Green, Vanilla’Original A1 Fine Art Canvas £280.00
  • Artwork I ‘Tower Bridge’Limited Edition 3/125 Fine Art Print £75.00
  • Artwork J ‘Leaning Tower of Pisa’Original Ink & Watercolour £420.00
  • Artwork K ‘Leaning Tower of Pisa in Lilac, Lime, Black’Original A1 Fine Art Canvas £280.00
  • Artwork L ‘Eiffel Tower’Limited Edition 34/125 Fine Art Print £75.00
  • Artwork M ‘Notre Dame’Limited Edition 6/125 Fine Art Print £75.00
  • Artwork N ‘Worcester Cathedral in Yellow, White, Black’ Original A0 Fine Art Canvas £360.00

For more information on how to exhibit at the Third Space in the Worcester Arts Workshop, please contact Kay on 01905 25053, email: or visit the web link below

The exhibition and event was sponsored through kind support by the Worcester City Council

This exhibition was delivered by Participate In Art and Worcester Arts Workshop

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