Almost there on potential sites for WOS 2019 PIA Gallery

PIA continues to meet with a number of potential sites for the hosting of the Worcestershire Open Studio PIA Gallery for August 2019.

The Worcestershire Open Studio programme is a wonderful event providing access to artists and their studio/workshops across Worcestershire.

PIA will be providing local (Worcestershire only) artists the opportunity to be part of the WOS event who wouldn’t normally be able to or prefer being part of a collective. It’s designed for artists who don’t have suitable space or access to open their studios, home workshops, or would prefer to be part of a group of artists.

The format will be the same as WOS in terms of artists needing to be present and participate directly in the event, (as this is a great opportunity to meet visitors and buyers) PIA will manage all the other aspects for them.

Several sites are being short listed and a number of artists have already registered their interest in being part of this event.

PIA are hoping that a suitable site will be finalised early next week and a call for artists will be released straight away.

If you are interested, please call Chris on 07713 055 999 to discuss how you can be involved.

If you want to know more about Worcestershire Open Studios itself please follow the link below:

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