Ounce Artwork Refreshed

Art For Business Partner The Ounce have new artwork installed today.

The bold and vibrant colours of Jilly Oxlade-Arnott’s Pop Art style artwork greets visitors as they enter this extremely popular and thriving bar and kitchen.

  • ‘Worcester Cathedral in Yellow/Black/White’ Original A0 Fine Art Canvas £360.00
  • ‘Big Ben Duo in Red/Blue/White’ Original A2 Fine Art Canvas £140.00
  • ‘St.Paul’s Cathedral in refreshers colour’ Original A2 Fine Art Canvas £140.00
  • ‘St. Pauls Cathedral’ Limited Edition Fine Art Print £75.00
  • ‘Big Ben in Yellow/Honey/Lilac’ Fine Art Print £35.00
  • ‘Tower Bridge in Teal/Rose/Tan’ Fine Art Print £35.00

If you wish to purchase any of the artwork displayed at The Ounce Bar and Kitchen, please call Chris on 07713 055 999 or email chris@participateinart.com

The Ounce Bar & Kitchen
Shane & Amy Peckover
Address: 40 The Tything, Worcester, WR1 1JL
Tel: 01905 330 460
Email: ouncebar@hotmail.com

If you are an Artist or a Business and wish to find out more about the Art For Business Programme and how it may help you, please contact us through the link below or contact us directly:

Chris Oxlade-Arnott 
Tel: +44 (0)7713 055 999 
Email: chris@participateinart.com

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