Call For Artists – Riverside Arts

Riverside Arts is held annually on the 1st Saturday of the Worcester Festival in August (Saturday 10th August). Hosting over twenty outdoor exhibition stands along the bank of the River Severn, Worcester.

Some artists have already reserved their place at the Riverside Arts and we are looking for artists from Worcester, Malvern and the surrounding areas.

This is a great opportunity to display and sell your work direct to the public during a dramatically increased visitor time, as it is during the annual Worcester Festival and the same day as the St. Richards Hospice famous Duck Race. Open to the public from 10am to 5pm.

These events are designed to provide maximum sales opportunities for artists so participating fees and/or gallery commissions are kept as low as possible. The Riverside Arts is an artist participation fees only event, payable with booking and there are no additional gallery commissions.

Riverside Arts 2019 is only £45 per artist

All planning, trade licences, logistics and event management are dealt with by PIA.

If you are interested in participating in The Riverside Arts event please download, complete and submit the below Artist Application Form:

Event Promotion

We will robustly promote each event via blogs and social media, as well as links to artist’s own websites and social media sites. Promotions will include artist name (& brand), public contact details, web links and multiple images of their work. 

We will design and produce event posters and flyers, which will be given out across the city and are made available to each artist to help with their own promotional activities. A large promotional banner is placed at the event site for a week before and during the event. Additional banners, directional lamp post signage and even paths of chalk floor decals are displayed before and during the event.

Participation Details and Conditions

Loading/Unloading and Parking:

  • There are no free parking facilities for this event, but the site is next to Copenhagan Street Car Park

Conditions of Use:

  • Set up can begin from 8.30am and must be completed and ready to open by 9:55am
  • Break down cannot start until 5pm and must be completed by 6:30pm
  • Artists group photograph to take place on site at 10am
  • Artists or artist representatives to be present at all times (except breaks)
  • Artists are responsible for providing their own display equipment and floor furniture in addition to the counter/table provided (including table covers)
  • 8ft by 4ft counters are provided as standard, but you may have these removed if required
  • Artists are responsible for their own sales only
  • Artists may use the entirety of their stand
  • Artist applications will be vetted to ensure a high standard of work, display and professionalism
  • If PIA or its representative asks you to remove any display outside your stand, this must be done without delay or question.
  • Each artist/stand will be allocated with a number
  • An A4 piece of paper marked with your name will be placed on your allocated stand. This may be removed once you have located your space
  • Stands are pre-allocated and cannot be changed without prior approval by PIA
  • PIA will provide all the stand, location, space, presentation ideas and gazebo hanging solutions to you well in advance of the event  
  • Table covers must be used (no bare table/counter boards on show), banners must be hung and presented well. We have no doubt that this is second nature for you all
  • Last minutes cancellation, due to weather are a possibility, however as the vast majority of marketing and artist promotions would have been completed the artist fees are non-refundable
  • We will assess the artists’ applications to ensure the quality of work of all artists wishing to participate in these events are of the high level of workmanship, application and presentation we require.

The Stands Themselves:

  • Fitted with rear and sides weather panels (opaque white)
  • Rain gutters will be fitted to adjoining stands
  • No holes or damage are allowed to the stand fabric or wall material
  • Artists will be allocated a stand (3x3m)
  • All stands have at least one side facing the public (two if on a corner pitch)
  • Artists will have access to the inside of the back wall and both inside side walls, they can use the stand frame to hang artwork from (no damage to be caused to stand)
  • The stands do not come with power/electricity provided (available on request at additional cost)
  • Permission from PIA must be sought for artists wanting to place/display work outside their stand (such as placement of easels/stands) as we have to consider neighbouring stands and public health and safety.


  • Artist must have valid Public Liability Insurance to a minimum value of £2m.

Event Sponsors:

  • This event is a partnership between Worcester City Council, LSD Promotions and Participate In Art 
  • Any promotional material including social media transactions must copy/refer/tag the event partners
  • Additional sponsors will be sought to provide ongoing support throughout the year.

Event Assistance:

  • If you have any concerns or issues with your stand configuration, how to hang your work, or set up issues when you arrive, please contact Chris (07713 055 999), who will be available throughout the set up and breakdown periods to assist you in your display hanging, layout and lifting
  • PIA or its representative will be there throughout the day
  • You are reminded to be mindful of your and the public’s safety during set up and break down, especially when moving large, fragile, sharp or heavy objects.
  • For those who have no provision for taking credit card payment, subject to network signal, PIA will make its card payment terminal available to you. This is actioned through its mobile phone and Izettle payment device. We will not charge any additional fee for providing this service (iZettle currently charge 1.75%) and will transfer the net value when the payment has been cleared (normal 1-2 days)
  • Payment receipts can be emailed or texted to your customers directly.

If you are interested in participating in The Riverside Arts event please download, complete and submit the below Artist Application Form:

Chris Oxlade-Arnott 
Tel: +44 (0)7713 055 999 

© Copyright and Intellectual Property Right (IP) of all images are held by Participate In Art.

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