Welcome to ‘Participate In Art’

This is the launch/re-branding of a new entity called ‘Participate in Art’, as a separation from Jilly’s ‘Architectural Impressions’. Jilly will now be promoting herself under her own name as an artist. All the historic gallery curation and artist support activities will now be controlled and delivered through pARTicipate. The name and brand of Architectural Impressions will slowly disappear as pARTicipate takes over. 

Providing opportunities, support and access to artists & art communities

Sourcing and delivering sales opportunities for artists and artisans

Full name: ‘Participate In Art’
Abbreviation: ‘PIA’
Known as: ‘Participate’ to be written as ‘pARTicipate’

The standard logo is our stylised name in white & purple on a turquoise background (bottom left), with a reverse of base colour as a secondary option (bottom right). A stylised PIA logo (bottom centre) is used for the PIA Membership Scheme (due to be launched in Spring 2019).

Our events, galleries and exhibitions are designed to provide maximum awareness and sales opportunities for local artists.